Well here we are, the first day of 2009. I have made a resolution to take the time to blog a bit more. This evening as the family and I were waiting for the ball to drop, I happened to be reading Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim blog and happened upon a recent post he made about Chris Hughes being the top marketer of 2008.

As I was browsing the list of 2008 Internet marketing vets, I saw quite a few people that I know personally and that I read quite often. Shouts go out to Andy Beale at #23, Aaron Wall at #7, Rand Fishkin at #5 (you go Rand!), Guy Kawasaki at #2!, Neil Patel at #32, Matt Cutts at 28 and the list goes on.

One impressive thing to note about the list is that virtually all of the top 100 named had a twitter account ( ok not that surprising, we are talking about marketers here ), but the author went to the trouble of linking to each one of the twitter accounts.

So not only is this list a wonderful acknowledgment to the best and brightest in the Internet Marketing industry but it is also a great resource to help people continue to follow the winners into 2009.

As a convenience to my fellow twits and RSS eaters I have compiled the names, Twitter addressesd and Blog Subscribe lists into one easy to use page. Top 50 Internet Marketing Vets Twitter and Blog Feeds you should suscribe to. Lets try and add to this list throughout 2009, please reply to this thread with whomever you would like to nominate to be on the list for 2009.

Who else do you feel were some of the most influential marketers of 2008?

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